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As new technologies are introduced, how we connect with one another has the opportunity to change. What has not changed, however, is the sheer importance of communication. It’s often said that the biggest competition organizations face is their own internal communications. And, if there is not cohesion internally, the external message is probably less than desirable.

Communication and, specifically, a strong communication plan, both in prosperous and difficult times, are fundamental. The execution of a successful plan goes beyond the communication and allows you to engage your desired audience. Communication can be communication but when you truly engage your audience, you have succeeded.

Eagen, Inc. strongly believes that to engage, you must be accessible, have immediacy and, importantly, be honest and straightforward. Whether face-to-face, via video, in writing or using innovative, new tools, i.e., social media, Eagen, Inc. will partner closely with you to build pertinent communications plans, engage your desired audience and, ultimately, elevate your business.

  • Strategic corporate communications planning consultation and execution for both profit and non-profit organizations
  • Brand development and launches
  • Communications audits
  • Message development
  • Employee communications/employee engagement programs
  • Relationship management
  • Social media
  • Internal branding
  • M&A communications
  • Restructuring communications
  • Speechwriting/presentation development

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